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When you create a server you have the choose between two (most popular) databases:

- YTDB (http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/ytdbase/)

- UDB (http://unifieddb.svn.sourceforge.net/)

I thinks MaNGOS uses UDB... But I have some questions...

Why create two differents databases ?!

What are the differences between this two bases?

What is the best database for a MaNGOS "100% Blizzlike" server?



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olways people ask why there are so many projects. but answer is same like for trinity core, cmangos and etc. if u looking for db u have silvermoon to.

all of this db are good. but udb dont have hacks code for quest finish. siovermoon have ytdb is poular in east europ

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From the research I've done, it appears UDB follows the mangos methodology the closest - no hacks, no frills. Be that as it may, though, YTDB seems to have more stuff that works, but there's still the side of the fence that calls their methods hackish. I personally use UDB for my server, but hear very good things about YTDB as well. It's all in preference I guess... different philosophies, different methods, but all working towards the same goal.

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