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MaNGOS Immunity Calculator


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Hey guys,

a few days ago I raged through wrong mechanic immune masks - it's a mess to calculate them by yourself.

So i created a little webtool that does the work for you.

Maybe some of you want to use it, too.


- if you type in a mask in the textfield and push "set", you can see what flags it has

- you can check/uncheck what you want - mask is live generated in textfield and a permalink is shown above

If you have feedback, please PN me or post here ;).

Link: http://files.fgreinus.de/ccmaskbuilder.php

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Thank you very much for this excellent tool. There should be a great cheer rising from MaNGOS coders for this valuable time saving work of genius.

I vote this be permanently added to the MaNGOS tools repository. Just to be sure it gets the notice it deserves, I'm going to sticky this for a while. ;)

Keep up the great work. Please make more tools!

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