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Mangos-Three item_template and Custom Items



So my Mangos-Three server runs just fine but I've been trying to create custom items. I've used the wow-v tool/website and noticed that it has some columns in its SQL query that don't exist in my mangos.item_table like dmg_min, dmg_max, and a few others. I gave up on using any external tool after discovering this, assuming that the table format was different for mangos-three for some reason than previous mangos cores, and tried doing it by hand. However, even just copying a pre-existing item and giving it a new entry id always results in the same problem - that is, whenever I add it in-game using the .additem command, it appears in my inventory as a question mark and says that it is "retrieving item details."

I could use some help on this.

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I'm glad you were able to find the min_dmg column in the database, but I'm afraid I've had no such luck. The database I imported when I set up the server was MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3.sql. I've tried even grepping inside this file for the string "min_dmg" and found no results; "mindmg" returns some results but only in mangos.creature_template. What database file did you import for your Mangos 3?

edit: I just looked at MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_2 for any mention of "min_dmg" and found no results.

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Alright, so without min_dmg, where are the damage values pulled from? I've been trying to create items in the database all day without any success and I think it's got something to do with the change to that table.

Edit: I've answered all my questions finally after finding this video ->

Basically, the answer is yes, you can add custom items to Cata still but it is quite a bit more complicated. Hopefully there will be some way to do this server-side in the future.

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