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[zero] Best way to implement armor reduction




I've started looking at the following issue https://github.com/mangoszero/server/issues/16 and think i've got some code that can work. Only problem is that i have 2 different solutions and i'm wondering which one i should submit my patch with.

On one hand i can actually lower the armor for the player under the duration of the spell, pros: The player sees what's happening, cons: when the spell is finished there may be other spells that reduce armor and thus it's hard to restore the part that was previously reduced by Enrage. To do that another variable would probably be needed.

On the other i could also just change how the CalcArmorReducedDamage works and make it so that it takes this spell into account. pros: i don't need an extra variable, cons: the calculation needs to be redone several times.

Which one is the mangos/normal way to do these kinds of things?

Thanks in advance!

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