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Linux/Windows Interoperability


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I've been thinking for the last few days, since we discussed the topic of a GUI for installing MaNGOS... I am most familiar with C#, which, in the world of Linux, requires the MONO libraries. But the best part of that, is that it makes everything compiled against the MONO libraries interchangable. My Linux MONO program now runs on Windows .NET. Hurray! Finally! Honestly, this is old hat to me. Done a lot of work with this in the past.

My real question, though is this: Do we want to try and push MONO? If we pushed MONO, then MaNGOS could be compiled on Linux with MONO and the same server could be moved to a windows machine with .NET and run there as well with a minimal amount of reconfiguration.

This is just an idea that needs some input. :) BTW, we can also take .NET and run it on MONO. So this works both ways, not just Linux to Win.

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