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Sign up page sha_hash_password, how is this formatted or done in PHP exactly?

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hi everyone, long time user of mangos

i've been working on a webpage for a small lan party i'm having today, only because i don't wanna sign up 40 different people indiviually so i figured i would offer a localhost easier way through html / php

the only problem i am running into is, how exactly are the passwords formatted? i know it's encrypted with sha1 and my code is great up until here but i just can't seem to get the client past the login screen with any accounts i make through my webpage (yes they are inserted to the database perfectly fine) and i'm suspecting its because of me doing the algtrothirum wrong, here's a couple ways I tried doing it but to no available

$hashpw = SHA1('$user' . ':' . '$pass'); // tried this one cause someone said the pw / username are combined together	

$hashpw = hash(sha1, "$pass");

$hashpw = sha1($pass);

any ideas? anyone ever run into this problem cause i just can't seem to get it! i created a username / pw combo through the console and the password is a lot longer so maybe i'm not doing the right sha encryption or something. thanks!

any help is very much appericated!

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$sql = "INSERT INTO $db_table(`username`,`sha_pass_hash`) VALUES ('".$username."', SHA1(CONCAT(UPPER('".$username."'),':',UPPER('".$password."'))))";

That is how I did it with SQL a long time ago.

In PHP I guess it would be something like...


The end result should be sha1(USERNAME:PASSWORD) I believe. Echo whatever is inside sha1() to make sure that it's uppercase etc.

TL;DR: I think your problem is that you're not making it uppercase.

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