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Welcome back getmangos.com users!

Guest madmax

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Just wanted to say welcome back if you came here via getmangos.eu

Getmangos.com is now fully operational and we are standing by for the last updates and checks by Antz for the main forums to be brought back on-line.

As with getmangos.eu the .com version will also be on cloudflare, if you notice any problems with the site like "Gateway timed out" or something similar then please report it and we will bring it up with cloudflare, they have been very helpful in the setup.

I'd also like to point out that if a large attack takes place on the internet (not just on us) but on other sites behind cloudflare it may affect performance of this site for a short time till their network redirects/stops the attack.

Once the main forums come back on-line a mass email will be dispatched to everyone that was registered on the old forums to notify them that the site is back.

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