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Learning scripting by oneself. Is it possible?


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Hello everybody.

I've been following the MaNGOS project since 2.4.3 and I've always wanted to learn c++ scripting since then, so that I could help in my favorite versions of wow (vanilla and TBC). Idecided to get to university, but when I got there I couldn't pick IT (price was too damn high), so I got a bit sad and tried to forget my idea.

However, in the career I picked I had a basic C++ programming subject (the basic functions -if, while, for...-, making your own functions,...), and I got so excited I downloaded the repositories, but when I opened the solution file... Omg, I didn't know how almost anything worked (I could identify the structure, but anything else).

So I was thinking to ask for some books/internet free courses or something to learn c++ scripting. I know this is an advanced level of programming, but I'd like to learn by myself. I don't care if it takes me 2 whole summers of studying, the main problem is I don't know how to learn. I need a "guide" telling me to learn X first, then go for Y, following Z and end up being able to help.

For example:

1. Learn c++ functions A B C D.

2. Learn to do something (struct or something like that) in c++.

3. Learn how to make your program interact with a database.

4. Learn how a program can work as a server (interacting with the client).

5. Enjoy

Thank you very much!

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I would recommend you to buy a book and read it through. I've used this one myself and I think it was a really good and well structured book.


A good one too, i'm suding it right now, it have a lot of ejercicies (good to know really):


These seem to be pretty complete. I'll try buying them and spend this summer doing some studying. Thanks!

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