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Community Forum Now On-line


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Antz and myself have brought the main forum back online Friday night.

There are still bugs and if you cannot login please do a password reset here - http://community.getmangos.eu/index.php?action=reminder

If you spot a bug somewhere please report it either in a topic or by private messaging Antz.

If you are wondering who I am... I'm MadMax! The new security admin for getMaNGOS. It will be my job to keep these forums and site secure :)

To those who have wondered where we vanished to the getmangos.eu website suffered a massive denial-of-service attack after which the old host decided to take the site down for good, theLuda was left with a huge bandwidth bill aswell!

We have put systems in place to ensure the site will remain online from this point forward, although we cannot discuss those.

You may contact me via private message with matters relating to site security, abuse, website bugs.

Please no support questions as those are for the forums.

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