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getManGOS Servers Now Online!


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Covenant WoW


Covenant-WoW has officially launched and open!

What we have to offer:

Classic – PvP -1.12.1 vanilla blizzlike server (nearly 100% scripted)

Burning Crusade – PvP - 2.3.4 blizzlike server

Wrath of the Lich King - PvP -3.3.5 blizzlike server

Scripted Instances

All instances are scripted, there might be small errors but they are constantly updated by getMaNGOS developers

MaNGOS based server core’s

Mangos was started by TheLuda during summer 2005.

MaNGOS is the longest running server emulator known to still be active and still in development

Supported by getMaNGOS developers

Our servers are maintained by the developers of the long running MaNGOS server emulator

Working battlegrounds

Outdoor PvP is enabled & functional

Active GM presence on all realms

GMs will be visible on realms normally around the main cities.

Part of getMaNGOS

These are official servers and are provided by a getMaNGOS team member and getMaNGOS developers have full access to them.

This means they will have an in-house public and populated realms to work out bugs & exploits etc

So why should I play here?

Many other WoW servers use the MaNGOS codebase and do not return code they have written, by having the servers hosted in this way the getMaNGOS developers will have access to them to look at bugs/issues on a live server, this means when a bug is found and fixed it will be commited to our public github repo.

Playing here will allow us to "stress-test" our core... the more players we get the more the core can be made stable...meaning the more the player limit will rise, of course there will be a physical limit.

Playing here will also allow us to add additional features to the realms when they are requested, such as a realm running instant 80 or custom instances for example.

Our developers are experienced with the Mangos core and committed to improving and updating it... remember getMaNGOS is THE home of MaNGOS

So these are test realms?

Not exactly, we will not roll out updates to the realms when they are heavily populated or if there is lots of players online.

We would like to keep to a weekly maintenance time-table (time/day to be decided).

Updates will be tested on development realms before going to the public ones, as all updates are tested.

Are there GMs?

Yes, The developers at getMaNGOS are all full GMs.

We will always consider others to be a GM on the realm... just make a topic and we will look into it.

(You will need to be an active member of the realm, have skype and be willing to be interviewed by one of our developers).

What is a GM?

GM stands for Game Master

This is a person with control over the server you are playing on.

Official GMs will always have <GM> infront of there name and on Falling Sun will have a special icon in front of their name.

What are the rules?

No cheating, hacking

No impersonating getMaNGOS admins/staff or GMs. No claiming to be a GM.

Do not harass GMs (This includes asking for levels, items or gold).

GMs will have there whispers switched off, unless they are dealing with your ticket.

Use common sense... if you don't think its allowed then its probably not... if you are unsure ask in a GM ticket.

Have fun!

What are the realms/servers like?

Rising Sun - Classic - Patch 1.12.1 - Normal XP rate

Shifting Moon - Burning Crusade - Patch 2.3.4 - Normal XP rate

Falling Sun - Wrath of The Lich King - Patch 3.3.5 - Normal XP rate

More realms will be added as they are needed. We can add additional types (RP, PvE etc) as there is call for them.

All realms are blizzlike

The realms are currently setup to serve 1000 players, this is just the starting limit and we can increase it.

Realm Technical Specifications

Dell R210 II - http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/poweredge-r210-2/pd

8 core Processor (Intel Xeon E31270)

8GB of ECC ram (to start with, this will be expanded as we get more load/players on them).

Where are the realms located?

In the United Kingdom.

We will add realms to other locations as they grow.

his sounds great! Where do i sign up?

You can sign up at www.covenant-wow.com

You will be able to fully manage your account here.

We are also researching a streaming wrath of the lich king client! Early research looks promising :)

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