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[Zero] A Small collection of (Maybe) Bugs



Hello again!

I've been having a blast playing through on my Zero server and have come across some minor bugs; none of these greatly affect gameplay, but I thought I should bring them to someone's attention.

[li]When some objects are thrown, such as daggers by the Defias enemies in the attached screenshot below (cube_throw_01), they do not display as daggers. Instead, they appear as checkered cubes (some sort of placeholder model, I presume). While this does not affect gameplay in any mechanical way, it is pretty funny to see your character running around with blue/white cubes jutting out of their chest. :P[/li]

[li]For some reason, innkeepers seem to be perpetually selling the Valentine holiday items, even though that event is nowhere around this time. The below image (wrong_holiday_01) was taken in the Westfall inn, but this bug seems to be pretty consistent throughout all the inns I have come across.[/li]

[li]Some enemy corpses, upon death, immediately begin drifting away at a high rate of speed - faster than your character can run, at least. Three images are attached below demonstrating one such occurrence in Westfall (which seems to be where most of these instances occur). While not game-breaking, this does make collecting quest items a pain in the butt when it happens. One last note, however, would be that this seems to most prevalently occur in Westfall; while I had a couple of instances of this happen in Elwyn Forest, it was pretty rare. I have yet to have this happen in the Redridge Mountain zone, though.[/li]

[li]In Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains, I have encountered an issue with a Murloc Scout area just to the east of town that, so far, seems to be unique to this group of Murlocs. In the area they are located in (immediately northeast of the bridge into Lakeshire, surrounding the huts and dock in the cove there), when aggro is drawn the Murloc will, about half of the time, remain stationary (and not run toward you) but still be attacking you (and you do take damage). A couple of the Murlocs in the area are not even animated and simply stay rigid when they move around (and attack).[/li]

[li]So far, every milk barrel and food crate worldwide displays the "Invalid Target" message when you try to open them.[/li]

Whew! Sorry for the ramble there. I can attempt to provide more info if needed on these, just let me know. Keep up the awesome work, good sirs and madams!

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Just checking the running corpse and barrels on the server now. =)

I must admit, I was on skype with a friend when reading your buglist, and shortly after we were chuckling and saying things to each other such as 'nooo my goretusk livers! its floating away!'

Love is in the air items confirmed as an issue.

Keep posting those bugs, bug reports like fixes, are pure gold to have.



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1. This is probably client side and unfortunately there's not much we can do about it.

2. See my above comment.

3. This might be worth looking into: https://github.com/ProjectSilverpine/server/commit/dc10f38e86c42fb0af9878ad844fbcfb5c705bac

4. This seems to be a problem in the creature_ai_scripts table.

5. I don't think this has ever happened to me so I don't know what's wrong.

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