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[Four] Unable to extract vmaps



Hello community!

I feel like I am having a really noobish problem here. I am following the guide from here: https://github.com/mangoswiki/Wiki/wiki/WindowsInstallVM verbatim, aside from using mangos four instead of three on the how-to. I have the MySQL and all running on a 2008 R2 server in a VMware VM. I transferred the extractor to my main PC to get the folders ready, ad.exe seems to have finished okay (I think, didn't show any errors anyways), but the make_vmaps.bat throws an error. The error disappeared too quick so I just ran vmapExtractor.exe myself and got the attached errors.

To provide more details of my process, I simply downloaded the client from battle.net and let the downloader do the rest. My account didn't have MoP, but I assume it downloads the same files for all. I never started the game at all, just closed the downloaded once it was done - then started ad.exe and such.

I do apologize if this is something easy and stupid. I used Mangos a long time ago, 2009 or so(?) and it was so much fun. Just got reminded of it when the admins sent out the mass email. :)


[attachment deleted by admin]

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