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Me thinks the HMS Mangos Zero has hit an iceberg and sunk. And the bulkheads did not hold as was promised by the designer. ;)

Titanic joke.

Anywho... I spent the last hour compiling and extracting and pushing buttons until I have made it to where I am suppose to be able to run the realmd.exe. I run it and lo and behold:

Could not find configuration file realmd.conf.

The annoying part is the fact that the realmd.conf file is right here. In the same directory, right next to realmd.conf. And yet it's acting like it's blind as a virtual bat. :(

Any suggestions?

Never mind. Got it figured out and hopefully this post will help others in the future.

Solution: For some odd reason, my computer decided that it would show me that I had deleted the dist extension form the file name. Yet, when I looked in the command prompt, the file had strangely been renamed to mangosd.conf.in and realmd.conf.in. I don't get it, but as soon as I moved mangosd.conf.in to mangosd.conf and realmd.conf.in to realmd.conf in the dos prompt, it started working. Very odd indeed, but that was my solution to this odd problem. :)

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Hey!!! I knew that. 8)

But that could change in the near future. I was thinking of a few ideas that need their own topics. But for shorts... I was thinking about writing a installer for the core, the db and the scripts and eventually an overall compiling interface that does everything that everyone is wanting. I know, the programs have to be separate entities. I was also thinking about some work on the GM subsystem. But like I said, separate topics. :-X

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