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Hi all,

I have just created a MangosThree server but got a little stuck, the server is running fine, but in-game are some problems.

I started as a Worgen, but get immediately killed by a mob in the town. So I guess DB problems. Then started as Human, the first two quests where fine, but then came a learn this type off spell. Learned it, but the game didn't register the learning. So also stuck there.

I guess now the Three server is not fully "operational".

My question is, what version is the best supported one and should give the best user experience? Is this MangosZero, or another one?

(trying all is a little to much work :-))

Many thanks!


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In terms of feature support your best off with any pre Cataclysm mangos version. It should also be noted that we're pushing quite a bit of effort into mangos-zero and thus vanilla WoW, since it does lay the foundations for any later expansion.

Significant changes also include the integration of Project Silverpine, an effort which worked hard to improve mangos-zero, and now is part of the zero development team. The next four weeks, and thus the next releases are dedicated to integrating their efforts.

Also, we are working on a whole new documentation site for mangos-zero which includes all relevant information required to get things done. Most of this will sooner or later be ported to mangos-one, etc.

In the end it is a matter of resources, and of course of the community. Especially the community has gone through quite the changes, and these days - as you may have noticed - we're investing a lot to help new users, and work more transparent then ever. We strive to work fully in the open, and document everything we do for our community.

Anyway, see for yourself, talk to other users, to us, try things out.

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