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[Three] Spell missing and PG problem



Hi there. This is my first experience with Mangos Three and I don't know if this is the right section, so sorry if I did a mistake. I've followed this guide: https://github.com/mangoswiki/Wiki/wiki/WindowsInstallVM (but seems that there are some errors in that guide).

DB is been populated by full db mangosthree_db_r3.sql file. Db version is setup by "m12654_command.sql". Core and database are now up and running. I'm able to login and play but:

1) When I create Tauren Shaman, when entered into the realm, my pg is naked. I can't equipe anything, no initial weapen, no initial chest and so on. This happen only for Tauren Shaman (Orc Shaman or Tauren Warrior or other are ok). What's wrong?

2) When I go to my class trainer, I can't get dual spec. I've found this url https://github.com/mcore/mangos/blob/master/sql/mangos_updates_dual_spec.sql but the table npc_option doesn't exist.

3) If I try the GM command .learn all recipes, I receive al lot of error such as "Spell ID is broken..."

I haven't execute:

- c:\mangosSource\mangos\src\bindings\script\sql\updates\r27*.sql (75 files and directory 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3, 0.0.4, 0.6)

- c:\mangosSource\mangos\src\bindings\script\sql\optional\mangos_optional_generic_creature.sql

- c:\mangosSource\mangos\src\bindings\script\sql\old\mangos_old_spells.sql

- c:\mangosSource\mangos\sql\mangos_spell_check.sql

- c:\mangosSource\mangos\sql\tools\character*.sql (3 files)

I have to run this files?

Thanks a lot to everybody can help me.

P.s. During setup I've received some errors for map exctractor (some maps don't find...) but it's another story...

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I'll have to go back and check but I believe my tauren shaman has clothes and is working okish. I'll check and then read over that guide (I don't use windows so I have never seen the guide you used) and see if anything is missing from the guide.

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I checked on my server and I do indeed have the same problem as you so it doesn't appear to be anything you did wrong or which guide you followed. If I can get past the problems I'm fixing right now then I'll take a look at what is actually going on but that may be a while. Hopefully one of the devs can get to it before then.

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