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Hello - Uccello


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Hello all!

My interests : Reading, researching, putting together videos/images

I'm very excited to see that mangos is doing so well again! I joined ( though at the time i knew very little, and I am still learning!) maybe 2 or so years ago? So I'm very glad to see its going strong once again with so many fixes going up on a daily bases! I partook in the 'Zero Island Thank you' ( I believe ela posted a screenie link I can re-post as well )


https://www.youtube.com/user/HouseOfGame - my youtube is some mangos/trinity work myself and ela have done.

I myself am not as skilled at scripting or database work ( I do however know how to do some) I am more so a researcher, and I prefer to be a behind the scenes person! Its never an easy job to find sites that have now been long gone from when we first began researching vanilla content again, or spending hours on youtube finding legit retail videos ( so many privates! :P ) But its something I enjoy because with out it things do not progress correctly! Memory is nice but facts are better!

If you're sitting there thinking 'This database looks daunting' Or 'Sqls scare the crap out of me!' I suggest putting in the time for research, it can always be helpful

A few of the sites i use are :


old.wowhead (Comments on wowhead and screenshots are generally the most help )

wowikki (using the archives is very helpful to go back to posts in the time frame youre looking for)


Various forums

and of course Google/google images!

I always use more than one source to be sure what I have found is legit , not just one place can be correct and there is a lot of misinformation out there!

I think I've ranted on enough!

I hope i can encourage others to join in even if they feel like they are unsure how to : )



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Now that is quite something. These days - considering the lack of life resources - research and reading is a rare interest :)


P.S. as for researching, we can really use any help we can get. This is the most time consuming part for most issues we work on, and if you want to give a helping hand, we'd be more than glad ;)

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Welcome Uccello =P

Indeed its good to have a researcher, it seems the littlest of bugs turns out to be a 15 page google nightmare, comparing dates and poor youtube vids, along with a sprinkling of wiki and such refining the information.

Im spoilt!

- Ela

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