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I'm new to ManGOS and this is my first attempt editing the code. I planned to make a lookup command to display the four model IDs associated with the matching creature template names (similar to lookup creature command which I used as the base for this attempt). I have guessed that the PSendSysMessage function is what is used to relay the information to the player.

I'm having a hard time understanding exactly how the PSendSysMessage function works and the convention used for the character string.

I essentially copied the creature lookup code and tried making modifications to get what I wanted with the new command with little success. So far changes I made have been adding a new language code in language.h

LANG_CREATURE_MODEL_LIST = 328, (I'm using this as a level2 command due to the morph being level 2 also).

In the database I added a line to the mangos_string table with entry = 328 and content_default = %d - |cffffffff|Hcreature_modelid_A:%d|h[%s]|h|r

This was mostly a copy of the orifinal except changing the Hcreature_entry to Hcreature_modelid_A in case that'd make a difference.

The original call for the PSendSysMessage was:

PSendSysMessage(LANG_CREATURE_ENTRY_LIST, id, id, cl->Name[loc_idx].c_str());

I changed the first LANG_CREATURE_ENTRY_LIST to my new database entry (which I eventuallty plan to change to display all 4 model ID numbers once I unerstand how to make this work). I've tried changing the id variales and the cl->Name[loc_idx].c_str() to the modelID number obtained from the creatureInfo reference in the function, yet the only results I seem to get is no change at all, or the server crashed.

I may be trying more then I can handle, but any help would be appreciated.

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