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Hi. I recently builded the latest 3.0.9 support mangos with udb.

Im just bit annoyed that still theres lots of spells and talents wich doesnt work at all.

Do i have problem in my databases or mangos itself ?

I got the UDB up and applied all the patches to it but not the 2008_something_something, and the character database is unpatched since i made it with the clean install script (i hear its the lates structured so theres no need to patch it)

2008_?_? patches wouldnt apply to the database so i left them alone. is there my problem ?

Or is it the fact the talents etc are renewed and the server aint just there yet ?


ps. my little head gets really confused of the patch hell.

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The 2008_xxx_xxx patch files are all old, they came through a (crappy) nameing system, which has been changed. And yes, some not working spells or talents can come from missing data from these or other patch files. If you have no custom data, you can just delete your mangos database and create it anew.

Your characters datebase has no influence on that.

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