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[HELP] 1v1 Arena

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Hello, I am wondering how I can edit the source code to turn 2v2 rated matches and 2v2 team charters into 1v1. I found the part in the source where it said required signatures, but there is a comment with a question mark so it seems even the developers are not sure.

I been able to create teams through the database but the arena master still will not allow only 1 member to join arena matches.

So I need help, how can I made it so 2v2 rated matches and arena charters only require 1 player, this is for lan play and I only have me and my sister to compete against.

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i know there is a command ".debug arena" which sets arena-requirement to 1v1 but i think you only can play a rated match if you are already in a group (else you won't see the button - i guess it's a clientlimitation, which you can only pass through creating a group (the 2nd member can be offline))

but for playing unrated, i think it will work

my idea for a solution for rated arena-matches would be to create a command like ".addgroup" which adds a player (can be offline) to your group - but i don't know how this could be done - nor i know if this will be a good solution

(i'm looking for a 1v1-rated arena-solution too :) )

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