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sending items trough a website

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hi there iv started a project with some friends but we cannot figure out few things about it.

We was going to create a "simple" button on a website that each time clicked on it whould add a preset item to a character in the mangos server... the problem is that i figured out how to create the php/sql stuff to actualy make it add something to a new tab in the database, what im missing is how to make mangos take data from a custom tab and send this item to the character...

iv been trying to make it work like the auction house, but without results...

but i was basically thinking about something that make a periodical check (maybe daily or even weekly) to those rows so to send all in once...

i have to admit that i rly sucks with c++ almost as much as with my eng :P

well tnks to anyone that will bother to help me to to tell me to go to hell cuz its impossible to do xD

tnks in advice. btw im using mangos 7101 and mysql 5.1 but i doubt you will need it :P

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not completly sure, but i believe that MiniManager has an item giving function built into it

Maybe have alook at their code.

ho yeah your right it actualy have a mail sending script that can send items in mails...

tnks for the suggestion ^^

but i guess its easy to get arround it ans send what you want with just a internet page doing this... thats basically why i was doing the database thing... well also to have a record of what happening... but i think asking mangos to read a new tab its not that easy so for now i will work on this email thing and eventualy create a log for it, tnks again :lol:

if anyone have some other suggestion for this will be welcome!


ok i noticed that actualy sending mails trought it doesnt allow to send items.. at least it doesnt work with my mangos revision i guess.. prolly some databse change or i might need to update my MiniManager.. gunna try later

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i personally wouldnt advise to use send ingame mail with minimanager, that needs to be redone to use telnet instead os sql

RA console has .senditem and .sendmail commands and that can be easly and safely done with php / telnet

there is a topic somewhere about it in details explaning exatly why its not a good idea, even with patch to allow mangos load on a fly mail

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