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How To Apply A Patch ?

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  • 38 years later...

To update using the patch file with Tortoise SVN:

  • * Right-Click on the root folder that contains all your MaNGOS core subfolders / files
    * Choose 'Tortoise SVN' then 'Apply Patch'
    * Browse to and choose the patch file

When the patch preview opens, you can right-click on one of the patch files listed in the

small dialog and choose 'Patch All' or you can just do each file one at a time

For example:

If I've checked out MaNGOS to: C:\\SVN\\MaNGOS\\rev 5787\\

I'd see a bunch of subfolders listed in 'rev 5787' such as: .svn, bin, doc, dep, src

You'd want to right-click on the "rev 5787" folder and choose "Apply Patch" since this is

the root that contains all your MaNGOS subfolders.

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Here's a quick additional question:

If you patch one of the files with a non-trunk (+working version) file, do subsequent SVN updates ignore this file and maintain the patch? Or is it overwritten the next time around? In general, how are conflicts resolved?

I ask because I've always been quite happy testing the trunk release, but have become interested in testing patches as I've become more comfortable/intimate with the system.

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I have used tortoiseSVN and svn.exe to update from SVN and all my patches are merged back in automatically, unless there is a serious conflict, and when this happens, a comment is put into the affected file, telling you what the conflict is, as well as some additional copies in the same directory, once you edit the file and fix the error, you need to right click and choose resolved from the tortoiseSVN menu (type svn -h to find out how this works if you use just svn.exe)

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