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[Suggestion] Import From Armory

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There should be a command in mangos to import from an armory url, they got this for model viewers why not mangos too, of course lots of data will be missing like reputation and quests but just getting the character and its items would be cool to import into mangos.

If not this then I would like to see a character creator outside of the game. Either a tool or a php page for sql. Have the same default values as when making chars in the client only with more freedom, like choose any race and class combo and display id's.

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MaNGOS doesn't support "public" private servers, which is really the only reason I can think an armory would be put on a website is for use with a public private server.

So as far as MaNGOS implementing that, I think porting to an additional program that gives you a gui of an armory that isn't uploaded to a webpage sounds more realistic.

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mangos is designed to be a good solid server

not so much about having new features u dont see already

but i have been looking into something similiar for some time!

myself and a couple of others are looking at games like "EVE Online"

these games are huge MMORPG's etc

but alot of the game could be implemented web based

several websites like InstantAction.c and quakelive.c

also have web based exeecutables, using active x...

id like to be able to create something that allows you to play parts of the game web based, and other parts using the actual client

eve online is a good example

because the whole marketplace, along with skill training etc, building ur ship, bla bla bla

could easily be done web based rather than using the client

alot of the similiar programing only varying form the actual game itself is different

but im limited to my own head, and dont really know much about these websites that have active x web based executables such as IA and QL =/

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I beleive he was referring to copying a pay character to a pdump for mangos. I think there was a project for this some time ago, copycat i think?

I started off real solid, but interest seems to have died down. I think the old version of this (from a VERY old mangos rev) is still stickied at udb. It was php based so could be done in a terminal or through the web to import manually into the character db :)

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