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[patch][7424] codestyle removed not needed \\n in logoutput

Guest balrok

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removes unneeded newline-chars at end of logstrings - in most logcases this is done already

bugreport: i guess no

author: balrok

found those lines with:

ack -i log | ack '\\\\n' (ack is a buggy but fast grep-replacement)

but replaced those newlines all by hand to make sure to not replace the wrong ones

patch can be read here: http://mangos-files.eu/patches/?file=newline.patch

and downloaded here: http://mangos-files.eu/patches/newline.patch


-                sWorldLog.Log ("%.2X ", (*new_pct)[p++]);
+                sWorldLog.Log ("%.2X", (*new_pct)[p++]);

removed a trailing whitespace from the log

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