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Lets say this scenario : 

You have a linux machine and you want to compile and host a zero server . 


1 :You only have root password of the linux server (that is not secure and safe to use and login via ssh etc. )

2 :You are using the command  to add a new user "demouser" 

sudo useradd -d /home/demouser -s /bin/bash -m demouser

3 : You give the new user a password ,  sudo privileges  and disable the root account . 

4 : You are compiling under /home/demouser/

5 : Your built server files - bin and etc are under /home/demouser/mangosserver eg. :/home/demouser/mangosserver/bin and /home/demouser/mangosserver/etc


And now the question : 

A : Is it safe to host the server from the home directory ?

B : Do i have to change some permissions ? 


Thanks a lot for the time you spent reading this thread. Any reply is appreciated.

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