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Wired Crash After Adding A new Bool In Player

Guest Aucti9

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in player.h

i tryed to add a new bool

like bool m_mailsLoaded;

but instead bool actave;

and then i added player.cpp

active = false;

I have done this in the past alot with the old cores but for some reason i can not add a new bool because the server will start and run but once i login and the load screen is full to be accepeted ingame the server crashs..

i need to add the new bool so i can add it to all the commands so console has the power to turn all commands off or on..

there is much more to it then what im explaining but its worthless if im unable to add a bool in the player class and player::Player..

any ideas why this is doing this..

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maybe you dont have enough ram^^

cause a bool won't crash your server (besides you use it together with an assert() ^^)

if you want help, make a git diff origin/master

maybe you'll find your mistake through that too (maybe forgot to remove some debug-code or removed somewhere to much ...)

if you run linux you easily can debug it with gdb - this tool is realy helpfull

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