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trying to write a patch for Druid spell Typhoon(HEEELP!!)

Guest rechapa79

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here is the deal: this spell works(or should work) in a similar way to mage's cone of cold only instead of freezing the target it should knock them back 5 yards.

so basically it should do 2 things when it finds a target:

1-run a server side script in charge of knocking back the enemy

2-apply a damage related spell (id available on the DBC )

the first problem i ran into is, while the spell animation is clearly shown, it triggers no events on targets. its like the spell cant "see" the enemies in front of it.

I have absoultly no clue of how to make that part work

the second problem (and im probably getting ahead of myself) is how do i read the spell id for the damage part of the spell. its on column 130 from what i can tell

can anyone lend a hand?

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