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Need some tuturial about AUTOTOOLS and linking

Guest eox425

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Hi everybody

I am a total C++ beginner

I want to know how we get one mangos-worldd executable with several CPP files

and how do they linking?

Is there aditional #include derictive or something else in master.cpp file?

And I want to get some info about autotools and Cmake too ?

THNX a lot

Sorry for bad English.

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Thank you freghar

I'll notice these links

And what about Cmake I heard that there was a polling were community have discussed it.

About 70% agreed with the developing of implementation of Cmake.

Do anyone works on it?

And where I can find books about CMake like "MAstering Cmake" or others?

I've searched for a tutor but I haven't found the "trully full" documentation or an easy tutor for beginner.

I need a tutor where I can compare the Makefile syntax and syntax in "Cmakefile" (I don't know the name of it) I would be Thankful if someone share with me such info

THNX for attention.

Sorry for bad English.

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