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Try to fix mining and skinning


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In vanilla, there is not only one tool to mining or skinning, so I spent whole week to study Mangos code and try to fix this. But unfortunately I can do nothing with this code ,because I'm too weak on code.So I try to share my research here.

I thought if you cast a spell in WoW game,the client should send a opcode to server to check cast item and spell effect or something ,so I spent a lot of time to modify the code.Until I read the package log, I was totally wrong. The client would check spell.dbc on client game, and when you first time try to mining or skinning, client would send a package CMSG_ITEM_QUERY_SINGLE to check the item need to cast spell, and never send this again. I've check SMSG_INITIAL_SPELLS also, but the package data only include spells id, no totem information.

So I thought if there is a way so that other tool could use itemid of mining pick or skinning knife, or add another entry into item_template I don't know. I try to add another entry in database, but I can do nothing with this program.

Finally, here is the other tool to replace mining pick or skinning knife:

Minerpick[9] = { 756,778,1819,1893,1959,2901,9378,9465,20723 };
SkinningKnife[3] = { 7005,12709,19901 }; 

P.S. sorry for my poor english.

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