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This suggestion/question might not be all new:

I'm searching some sort of API which allows executing internal mangos functions during runtime by external applications.

I know the remote console but after extensive useage i noticed it is quite unreliable. Once in a while it doesn't let me log in, killed my server quite a few times (didn't really investigate this any further) and i also believe telnet isn't necessarily the proper interface for an API. If i'm not all wrong it is also not multi user capable.

I think a first thing people could fine useful is the possibilty to send ingame mails from an external source. I tried to adapt the external mail patch from the trinity patch queue but i kills my server during the mail check cycle.

I think using the mangos internal functions for mail/kick/ban/etc. is a better way than just trying to reimplement the very same methods into a (web)application.

Does something like that exist already? Did someone already try something similar?

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I'm not aware of any such API, except the obvious telnet. If I knew how to make an API, I would.

Making an API isn't something standardized. You can write a set of C functions which fires up a telnet connection and perform specific tasks ... and call that an "API".

ie. mangos_ra_init() would initialize a telnet connection and log user in, mangos_player_kick() would write a kick to the RA connection, etc.

It would be, of course, better to write something on the mangos server's side (some simple packet-level listening server (with a separate thread)) or perhaps modify the RA a bit, etc, etc.

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I'm trying to implement a simple dialog-protokoll for the realmmanager and core, to exchange some data between the cores.

The CorePool is handled by the realmd and the cores are connecting as a client via telnet-protokoll.

It works fine, but i have some problems to change the active socket (to route the command from Core1 to Core2) -.-

It'll also possible to connect a telnetclient or some other apps/servers on this socket, to control the system.

Greetz GiR-Booksized

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