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  1. I would assume the safest bet is to use the core available on the downloads page.
  2. I am installing fresh from the downloadable zip "MangosOne_Develop21_Release_x64_July2016". I have since corrected the error I mentioned above but I am still unable to successfully sign in to the Mangos One server. I upgraded my version of PHPmyadmin and the error went away. I think it was a mysql cache error of some kind.
  3. So I tried to just reinstall the entire server again, and I'm getting a character db update error. When I first start the server i get this: 2017-02-02 20:16:37 You have not updated the core for few DB [World] updates! 2017-02-02 20:16:37 Current DB content is 71, core expects 8 2017-02-02 20:16:37 This is ok for now but should not last long. 2017-02-02 20:16:37 The table `db_version` indicates that your [Character] database does not match the expected structure! 2017-02-02 20:16:37 2017-02-02 20:16:37 [A] You have database Version: 21 2017-02-02 20:16:37 Stru
  4. No accounts are listed in the ban tables. These are freshly installed servers. I have tried disabling and enabling Warden, it did not make a difference. Logging in. Realm db build for Mangos One is 8606, my PC client build is 8606.
  5. I am trying to run Mangos Zero and Mangos One simultaneously. I am using realmd.exe from Mangos One. Mangos Zero is set to server #1 in config and database, is set to port 8085 in config and database, and works just fine. Mangos One is set to server #2 in config and database, is set to port 8086 in config and database, and I get the error "The information you have entered is not valid." It says connecting, authenticating, handshaking, and then gives the error. If I sign in as player, gamemaster, or administrator it says "This World of Warcraft account has been temporarily s
  6. Yeah I'm only using the realmd.exe from Mangos Zero. I have not specified an additional port for the realmd.exe from Mangos One and I have not attempted to open both at the same time. I'll attach some screenshots of my config settings. Mangosd.conf: http://i.imgur.com/799mQVp.png Realmlist Table: http://i.imgur.com/jeM1Zx6.png Mangosd.exe (world-server.log): 38:51 21000 [world-daemon] 38:51 <Ctrl-C> to stop. __ __ _ _ ___ ___ ___ | \/ |__ _| \| |/ __|/ _ \/ __| We Love the | |\/| / _` | .` | (_ | (_) \__ \ Burning Crusade |_| |_\_
  7. I installed and got Mangos Zero working perfectly. Later I wanted to see if I could get Mangos One to run side by side. Everything appears to be in order, ports are changed, server id is specified, ip addresses are all correct, yet I cannot authenticate log in from the TBC 2.4.3 client (8606). It's probably something small that I'm over looking. Any advice?
  8. Creating the necessary mysql databases and tables wasn't outlined very clearly but I think I got most of them created. When i start mangosd.exe, this shows up in the server log: 2013-03-02 14:38:14 MaNGOS Zero/0.12.2 (* * Revision 2288 - *) for Win32 (little-endian) [world-daemon] 2013-03-02 14:38:14 <Ctrl-C> to stop. 2013-03-02 14:38:14 MM MM MM MM MMMMM MMMM MMMMM MM MM MM MM MMM MMM MM MM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MM MMM MMM MM MM MMM MM M MM MMMM MM MMM MM MM MMM MM M MM MMMMM MM MMMM MMM MM MM MMM MM M MM M MMM MM MMM
  9. I have started over, recompiled and used all of the files from the "*_master.zip" archives. I am on step 7, trying to extract the vmaps. I executed ad.exe just fine and it's folders and files were created successfully. I compiled the vmapextractor.exe, copied it to the world of warcraft client folder, executed, it ran successfully, but there is no folder called "vmaps" that i am supposed to copy into my "compiled" folder. I only found "Buildings", "dbc", and "maps". EDIT: I found the vmaps_assembler, compiled it, copied the exe into the warcraft directory, created a .bat file pointing to "vm
  10. Okay! Well, the database folder, that the guide explains how to download using git, did not contain a folder called "_tools". However, before I found this guide, I downloaded all of the primary files from the getmangos.eu Mangos Zero homepage, and the file "database_master.zip" does contain the folder you're talking about. I am going to start this process over using the files that I found on the Mangos Zero homepage, instead of using the files that the guide instructs you to download. If you know of a more thorough and updated guide, please let me know. Thank you for replying!
  11. I am stuck on Step 6. I type the command into git bash "mysql_import" and it tells me the database does not exist and it failed to create. This tells me that it is not properly connecting to my database. I am running Windows Server 2012 and I already have an installation of MySQL Server 5.5 that works with the web sites I have hosted on the same machine. I just don't know what to change in the "mysql_info" file to get it to work. Edit: I attempted to append to the system path as suggested but this did not work. I appended "c:\\program files\\mysql\\mysql server 5.5\\bin" Edit 2: Because I
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