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  1. Hi! I am going to try to install my own WoW vanilla server, when installing MYSQL. I get to choose which setup type I want to install. Which setup should I take? here are the options: "Developer Default" "Server only" "Client only" "Full" or "Custom" ?
  2. I only find the clients from classic til mists of pandaria, what about the other expansions? Wod,legion,bfa?
  3. True, as I previously said. I uninstalled MYSQL and rebooted to re-install MYSQL on the computer but even when I re-installed it I still got the "Applying security settings fail" so I followed this guide that I found on Google and it now works to apply those settings! STEP 1---- Open your control panel and in the top right there is a search bar. type "hidden files". A folder icon will appear named "File Explorer Options" under it should say "Show hidden files and folders". Select this and a screen will pop up called "File Explorer Option". Look down the list for "hidden files and folders" text with an icon of a folder. Under this you should have the "Don't show hidden files and folders" checked off. select the "show hidden files and folders" option instead. Afterwords click "Apply" and exit out of that. STEP 2----- go into your main disc drive (Ex. C:/) and you should now see a folder named "ProgramData" go inside of this folder and look for "MySQL" once you have located this folder delete the folder and than try to reinstall again. Walah! you should be set. (MySQL seems to keep info inside of the ProgramData folder regarding old MySQL info such as old root passwords even after an uninstall)
  4. Would appreciate if this thread could get deleted, I just figured out the problem and its fixed! 🙂
  5. Hello everyone, at first I must say that when I first installed MYSQL everything went smooth and installing/applying went 100% free from error, but when I was going to follow the guide again I thought I had installed the MYSQL in the wrong way (turns out I only misunderstood the guide) so I uninstalled MYSQL and rebooted, and wanted to install MYSQL 100% from the beginning again. But everytime when I am coming to this Applying security section I get this error, I took a few print screens here
  6. again, I tried to install MYSQL and it went smooth. But I think I installed it to early in the guide? in the installing guide of MYSQL it says on the advanced option picture: Error log: Mangos.Err and General Log file path: WHITESTAR.log and SLOW Query log File Path: Mangos-Slow.log etc, everything was going to Mangos, but for me it says "USER-PC" which is "My-computer" on every file path, and I have not yet done any of the : "2) create a folder to hold all the source files i.e. Mangos_Files 3) Select the folder created above in explorer and right click on it, then select 'Git Bash here' 4) Clone the MaNGOS server and database GitHub repositories into folders in this folder (See HERE for a guide for cloning the repos) 5) Using explorer navigate to the server folder created above. 6) Navigate into the Win folder and double-click EasyBuild. " I have only done: Cmake (See HERE for the Install Guide). Only 32 or 64 Bit can be installed, not both. OpenSSL (See HERE for the Install guide). Both 32Bit and 64Bit can be installed together. You need the full rather than the lightweight version. MySQL (See HERE for the Install guide). Only 32 or 64 Bit can be installed, not both. on the tutorial section, should I install MYSQL after I have created the folder to hold all the source files mangos_files etc first and then install MYSQL after? if you don't understand what I mean I can PM you 🙂
  7. I see both of these are 32 bit, but I am running 64 bit, but it also says " Note: MySQL Installer is 32 bit, but will install both 32 bit and 64 bit binaries. " does this mean that I just can install the 32 bit version?
  8. Btw, when I try to install MYSQL I only get to extract from winrar the MYSQL folder from their download site, is there no MYSQL program where I just can install it?
  9. Alright! Yes I am following the guide! just asking to make sure everything goes 100% smooth through the guide!
  10. Hello everyone! first of, I have to say I am new here. I builld a Mangos Private server many years ago when TBC/WOTLK was released, but its time to me to get back to try out the programming again 🙂 Anyway I just installed Visual Studio 2015 community edition (with updates) When the installing was finished I got this message: Setup Completed. However, not all features installed correctly. which is: Microsoft SQL server 2014 management Objects package failed. Do I need this for mangos installing? if so, should I re-install and see if it still fails? I uploaded the log file, if its needed 🙂 dd_vs_community_20180526213548.log
  11. Allright thanks mate! :-) appreciate the answer! Best regards, - Joeytheone
  12. Hey everyone! around year 2008/2009 I were creating my own private server with help of Mangos guide, I took a break and now I am back! I am a 23 year old guy from Norway interested in building my own vanilla wow server, first of I have a few questions Where is all the sources and guides to set up a vanilla private server? I saw a guide on one of the threads but it looked like it was only for the newest world of warcraft "Which I hate" I mean the new wow, Although I love vanilla wow! and a quick question, is it possible to add your character till rank 14 on your own character? I mean its kinda sound stupid as you are your own gamemaster and "God" over the server but as you need to earn honor to achieve it I quess you can go directly into the database and add those honor points to achieve those rank? the reason I am asking for the sources and guides, is because I don't really know where to start Looking forward to hear from you guys! Best regards, - Joeytheone :-)
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