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  1. Upon learning Journeyman Riding (150), it doesn't bring the skill up to 150, but stays stuck at 75. Even if you setskill riding up to 150, if you relog it resets back to 75/150.
  2. Static item factions is an annoyance with battleground faction items, where shared items that are supposed to have a dynamic function in accordance with the player's faction (Horde/Alliance), but for now they are locked where an intended shared item requires a horde to have a standing with the Alliance counterpart faction. e.g. Items like [The Lobotomizer], [The Unstoppable Force], [Therazane's Touch], [Berserker Bracers], battleground potions, etc.
  3. When casting Slice and Dice or Arcane Missiles on a target, you instantly aggro. Slice and Dice should not be causing generating any aggro, and Arcane Missiles should not be generating aggro on spell channel but when the target is impacted by its damage. In relation to https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/4139 Unlike TrinityCore this does not have a spellinfo override system (LoadSpellInfoCorrections), making it so that these issues can only be solved in hacky ways through checks instead of being able to apply SPELL_ATTR3_NO_INITIAL_AGGRO flags on the individual spells.

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