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  1. Necrovoice, Thanks for the reply. Here's what I have: Version: (hope this is what you need) I just cloned the master branch from github since it's the only one. version structure content description comment 21 6 1 Implement SchoolImmunity Mask Implement SchoolImmunity Mask Looks like I pulled from github on Feb 3 @ 22:58 (Central Time GMT -6). Below is a list of tests I ran: Created new account, gmlevel = 3, addon = 1. Created new tauren druid and leveled him to 70. Teleport to shatt, then portal to Isle of Quel'Danas (or can teleport to sunwe
  2. I created a new toon, leveled him to 70 then tele'd to shattrath. From then I can enter the portal to Quel'Danas but within 5 seconds (every time) of entering the zone the server will crash with no logs and no errors displayed. I have all logging set to debug so it must be a fairly hard crash. I also noticed all of the NPCs in Shattrath were ??, so I leveled up to 255 and they still showed as ??. Not sure if that's a bug or expected. Any thoughts?
  3. I just cloned the mangoszero master branch from github and attempted to run the "getmangos.sh" script under server/linux/ and am receiving the following errors. Everything seems to compile and run fine except the Extractor_projects directory where everything bombs out. Below is the output that is generated immediately after the last user input on the getmangos.sh script: Cleaning the old build...
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