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  1. mangos zero Editing vs solutions with netbeans?

    I'll try to. Thanks, my man!
  2. Hey guys! So, my computer sucks ass, and loading VS15 is extremely slow for me. It takes my computer roughly 5 minutes to load the MaNGOS solution file in Visual Studio. As you can probably tell, I'm beyond fed up with this. I keep my version of MaNGOS as updated as possible, so opening VS15 constantly with it running so slow has taken it's toll on me. I can run Netbeans really well and I'd much rather edit the scripts, compile, ect. within Netbeans. Is there anyway to export the class files/folders/etc. from the solution and edit them in Netbeans? Thanks, guys!
  3. How did the dev team do it?

    My god, this is an interesting read. Thank you very much, @Unkle Nuke. This stuff is really cool.
  4. So, I'm not sure if this gets asked a lot... But I'm extremely curious... How did you guys (the dev team at mangos) actually create the core? Wouldn't you need to get Blizzard's "secret server files"? I'm very curious.
  5. mangos zero Core/db update error

    Thanks, I searched but I couldn't find it. Sorry!
  6. mangos zero Core/db update error

    Do not be confused, I've successfully updated everything. Everything works correctly, however, I get a warning in my mangosd.exe. The warning states the following: I'm not sure why this is, as I recently updated both the core and the database. Please help! mangosd.log
  7. The attachment is my EventAIError log, and it's filled with "Event ____ Action _ uses SpellID ____ that must be self cast (target is _)" or "Event _____ Action _ has TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER(_) target type, but should have TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER_OWNER(_)." or maybe even "Event _______ Action _ uses Target type _ for a spell (_____) that should only target players. This could be wrong." Is there anything I can do to possibly get rid of these errors? I haven't seen anything suspicious in-game, however, I can't possibly see every creature in a week to see if their all doing their job correctly. Please help! Everything still works (that I know of), but even if nothing is wrong, I still want to fix these errors. I have OCD. eventaierrors.log

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