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  1. Its Done ! for me .
  2. Hunter traps are consumed by all totems , when you drop trap near totem , totem immune this trap and trap dissapear. ( problem is , than , shaman stay near totem , Hunter spawn trap , and trap proc on totem and dissapear , shaman havnt got Control) Real function Trap vs Totems , is that TOTEMS ignore traps . Warrior reflect ... when warrior reflect trap , he havnt got control from trap ( this is RIGHT) , but trap is reflected to HUNTER ( hunter get 10 sec control in his own trap)
  3. how work this command creature:GetAttackDistance() i need upgrade creature attack distance
  4. Enemy players see hunter traps. All classes ! + rogue Disarm Trap have unlimited range if click on spell if only click on trap "dont work beacuse he need skill on traps 350"
  5. We have problem with Invisiblity , ( potion , mage spell) you can cast all spells when you are invisible , and this spells dont break invisiblity
  6. Work ! Very nice ! Thanks you very much !
  7. Cast Bar Disappears The player cast-bar disappears. When you cast a spell your cast-bar goes invisible when ever some other talent related spell trigger and when you get hit by an enemy. The spell will finish casting but you aren't able to see when. re-open
  8. mangos one

    I can
  9. mangos one

    Sorry for my English !
  10. mangos one

    Hi , I find bug ... when my mage casting some bolts and have frost armor there is problem with magic effect , i start cast firebolt to rogue (and other class) , and rogue do damage to mage, frost armor proc and apply chilled effect i lost my casting bar (i dont see casting bar more) BUT i still casting Bolt is still casted and deal damage rogue see like I casting but I dont see like i casting after apply chill effect, this bug we find too when shadow priest do damage and apply shadow vulnerability on target (this target lost cast bar too but stil casting) (we try lot of casting bars addons but bug is in dispel casting bar) SOME IDEAS FOR FIX ??
  11. mangos one

    thank you very much , i am new in this core nice support
  12. goname and namego no exist


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