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  1. Someone tested easybuild with Visual Studio 2017 ? Doesn't work for me, same error after reinstall Visual Studio Infos : Visual studio Installer 2017 : Someone have an idea ?
  2. Ha ! Alors je vais essayer avec la version 32bits ! Vu que Visual Studio a changer son launcher je vais essayer de cocher des cases en plus et faire une installation plus complète. EDIT : Les 2 vesion OPEN SSL sont installé (32 et 64bits) sans changement. Je réinstalle Visual Studio.
  3. Merci, je suis la communauté de loin depuis ces débuts ou presque (2009-2010) mais avec mon niveau d'anglais c'est plus difficile. Arcky
  4. Thx a lot for your support, Visual Studio 15.1 (2017) installed with your guide installation : I downloaded the installer from : VS2015 Community Edition I follow step 3 and 4 (tick "Visual C++" and "Microsoft Web Developer Tools")... I test with OpenSSL 1.0.2 and 1.1.0e I'm at work now, but I'll try to reinstall VS tonigh.
  5. Hi, my English is bad, sorry for that (and my point touch doesn't work ><) I have a problem when I "generate project" with easybuild Mangos ServerZero / CMAKE : 3 6 1 / VS : 15 1 / OpenSSL : 1 1 0e / MySQL : 5 7 Extract Server and DB with GIT : OK Have you got an idea ? ----------- CMakeError fille --------
  6. Hello, I'm a french lover of Wow vanilla and very bad in English =) I've made a Mangos server a few years for myself and my friends, I rebuild this now for testing with my friends and bots =) A long way begin =) Sorry for my English Arcky
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