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  1. Do you have any instructions on how to manually install Mangos using MariaDB ?
  2. Well I'm glad to have contributed then ! Everything is working fine, I tried using my external IP, I forwarded the port and everything but I can't connect with my public IP, surely because I'm on the same network. But it's great it's working fine. Now I'll have to try and look on how I can try to contribute to this great project
  3. However in the installation guide for Debian Jessie, it says it is supposed to work. Any ideas ? I'll keep looking into it ! EDIT: I found a workaround ! I just set it to run in a separate tty and it works fine this way. Here's the service file : [Unit] Description=WoW Vanilla service After=network.target mysql.service [email protected] [Service] Type=simple User=mangos StandardInput=tty TTYPath=/dev/tty3 TTYReset=yes TTYVHangup=yes WorkingDirectory=/home/mangos/zero/zero_server/bin ExecStart=/home/mangos/zero/zero_server/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/zero/zero_server/etc/
  4. Hello again, I tried to set up services for systemd to run the server. The unit for realmd works fine, however the one for mangosd exits after a few seconds. It works perfectly fine if I start mangosd manually from the command line. I'm thinking it might be because mongosd is interactive, you get a shell to interact when using it. But I'm not sure that it's the problem I'm linking a screenshot of the issue. Here's my service code : [Unit] Description=WoW Vanilla service After=network.target mysql.service [Service] Type=simple User=mangos WorkingDirectory=/home/
  5. Okay I managed to fix it. I don't know what happened, but anytime I built and installed from the "getmangos.sh" script it wouldn't create the "bin/tools" folder. I compiled and installed manually and it worked. I just have to fix an issue with "libace.so" because when I moved files I didn't put it in the right place. I'll edit this post when everything will be working fine. EDIT: Everything is working, I just had to build it manually and not from the script. On a side note, how would I be able to make it available for friends to test things with me ? I should juste change the ip in
  6. I copied it in "/home/mangos/WoW_1.12" it is detected as default by the installer but I still get the same error "The mangos server is not build, cannot extract data" I looked inside the script and the error comes from here : if [ ! -d "$INSTPATH/bin/tools" ]; then Log "The mangos server is not build, cannot extract data" 1 exit 1 fi And indeed, I just rebuilt and reinstalled (still using the installer) and I don't have a "bin/tools" directory. But it don't have any errors during build or installation though...
  7. Well it is installed, it's just on a partition that is always mounted on /media. Does the script check that it is in /media and fails because of that ?
  8. I used the following guide and so I used the install script mentioned in it : getmangos.sh
  9. Hello again, I fixed my previous issue with building MaNGOS Zero, but now I have an issue when trying to extract Data. I have a folder "WoW_1.12" in "/media/edouard/Data". I built and installed the Zero (I followed the install script). So at this point I checked and I have the following structure in my "zero/" folder : When they ask me the path to my game directory I tried : "/media/edouard/Data/WoW_1.12/" and also "/media/edouard/Data/" but both failed. What am I doing wrong ? I'm on Debian Testing.
  10. I just started my discovery of MaNGOS, I have a limited experience in C++ (I did 2 semesters of C++ this year) and I'd love to try and contribute to a cool project like that ! But to be faire I'm a little lost. The codebase for MaNGOS Zero (the one I'm more interested in) is huge ! There is a lot of resources here on the forum but no clear guide on how to start contributing (or I haven't found it yet). So what would you advise me to do if I want to fix some bugs in MaNGOS Zero ? I know I won't be able to do it right away it will take time, but what would be the most efficient way to end
  11. I have the following version : OpenSSL 1.1.0e 16 Feb 2017 Is it the right version ? Could it be that causing the build failure ? EDIT: Oh I get it. This issue explained it. Debian Stretch uses libssl-dev:1.1.0 and with 1.1.0 you can't declare this type like that. So I went back to Jessie's version of the library and it compiled fine.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm interested in this project and how it works, so I tried installing MaNGOS Zero on my Debian laptop. I'm running Debian Testing (Stretch at the moment then). I had an issue during the build process where I have a compile error. I have clang 3.8.1 and I'm linking a screenshot of the issue. What do you think is causing this and how would I fix this ? Is it because of a wrong clang version due to running Stretch and not Jessie ?
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