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  1. Dear MaNGOS community, Trying to modify the warlock class ( armor restriction, talent time and cool-down, for exemple), i looked into the mysql databases and find nothing conclusive... I don't know where to search in the mangos/server/src folder. Does anybody know the files to modify please? Is there a specific command to compile an altered file or should i have to build again the binary after modifying the appropriate files? Thank you kind regards from Guadeloupe
  2. Many, many thanks , Natrist!!! Works perfectly!!!
  3. Awesome guide! Thank you very much! i managed to install everything: realmd and mangosd launch flawlessly. i changed the realmlist address and local address ip to my actual lan ip and applied it... i did the same in the client file realmlist.wtf with your instructions... you say to write "administrator" to login without password (i tried lowercase and uppercase), but it doesn't work somehow... it asks for a password (i tried the database one) and it doesn't allow me to connect... is there a way to create another account, please? i wonder if there is a way to be sure that the client sees the server as i am not sure it is actually true... thank you warm regards from Guadeloupe
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