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  1. Grounding Totem : When i use polymorph on shaman ,grounding totem ignore this spell and shaman get polymorph but when I use some other harmful spell its work normally , just polymorph is ignored
  2. Console Error : Loading Spell Linked definitions... ERROR:Spell 30016 listed in `spell_linked` is not first rank (20243) in chain ERROR:Spell 30022 listed in `spell_linked` is not first rank (20243) in chain
  3. Tested , work normally , thanks for update !
  4. Ok problem is 100% in Commits on Aug 15, 2017 ,because when i change changes on old variation works normally.
  5. News I try old releases and i think last commits are ok ,but Commits on Aug 15, 2017 are wrong because release Aug 12, 2017 , there spell type charge, polymorph work normally
  6. New commits crash core... When I use some spell type polymorph , charge ... server freeze and crash. Probably this mistake is in some movement commit
  7. error in console : Table `command` have nonexistent command 'goname', skip. Table `command` have nonexistent command 'namego', skip. need change to : DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name`='goname'; INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('appear', 1, 'Syntax: .appear [$charactername]\r\n\r\nTeleport to the given character. Either specify the character name or click on the character\'s portrait, e.g. when you are in a group. Character can be offline.'); DELETE FROM `command` WHERE `name`='namego'; INSERT INTO `command` (`name`, `security`, `help`) VALUES ('summon', 1, 'Syntax: .summon [$charactername]\r\n\r\nTeleport the given character to you. Character can be offline.');
  8. Totems have one really big problem. How ? When I place Trap and in Trap radius I place Totem , Totem disappear Trap and got immune. I think Traps have some specific Area of Effect Immunity. Why ? Because when i use some other Area of Effect for example Volley, Totem dont got immune and isnt destroyed. For correct functionality ,Totems must have specific Area of Effect Immunity vs Traps. 1. Trap dissapeared with totem. 2. Totem ignore Volley(Area of Effect)
  9. Hi , I try your update and dont work correctly. I found problem with applying Sunder Armor . When I use Devastate on NPC and I have under 30 rage dont apply Sunder Armor ,and said "Not enough rage" ,but if I use Devastate over 30 rage apply Sunder Armor. Devastate cost 15 rage and Sunder Armor 15 rage (15+15=30) I try all ranks of Devastate.
  10. Devastate has 3 ranks and use 3 ranks of Sunder Armor Devastate(Rank 1) - use Sunder Armor(Rank 4) Devastate(Rank 2) - use Sunder Armor(Rank 5) Devastate(Rank 3) - use Sunder Armor(Rank 6) I fix this problem with MyDbcEditor Download Go to ID of Devastate : Rank 1 - 20243 , Rank 2 - 30016 , Rank 3 - 30022 Change values Save and start server Now Devastate gives Sunder Armor GJ !

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