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  1. fixed that, got a new error. error reading modelspawn, file name to long!
  2. "this application was unable to start correctly" giving me this error. how to fix with movemapgenerator.exe?
  3. 1. You cannot use the item near fel-orc corpse. 2. the aura provided by the wolf should apply to all nearby players, but doesn't. 3. the wolf doesn't have a waypoint to guide you to the direction
  4. even though in the code it says his health should be 0.3x what it normally is, it's not. but the same code works for Valeastrasz in Blackwing Lair
  5. First example: Go to Hellfire Peninsula and attack Bonechewer casters. If you interrupt them, they do nothing until they can cast again. Same for every other creature in the game.
  6. When you talk to Captain Saeed, nothing happens. There's no gossip text.
  7. When you interrupt a creature, they just stand there until they can cast again.
  8. When you do as the crow flies, you don't get credit after using the item, and it keeps you in bird form afterwards (Doesnt dispel aura)
  9. Cannot reproduce any of these database errors. Maybe you messed up the DB importing? Are you using the actual repo's db or are you using a third party DB?
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