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  1. One of the cases would be in the CreatureEventAI - the polymorphed target is trying to cast a spell. I.e., CreatureEventAI::ProcessAction: ... case ACTION_T_CAST: //11 ... CanCastResult castResult = DoCastSpellIfCan(target, action.cast.spellId, action.cast.castFlags); ... case CAST_FAIL_STATE: cmFlags |= COMBAT_MOVEMENT_SILENCE; break; ... if (cmFlags) { if (!(action.cast.castFlags & CAST_NO_MELEE_IF_OOM)) { AddCombatMovementFlags(cmFlags); SetCombatMovement(true, true); } } So the spell fails with CAST_FAIL_STATE, resulting in non-zero cmFlags starting the combat movement. Is this code really necessary? E.g., in mangos-zero there only a DoCastSpellIfCan() call without hadling its results.
  2. This issue is from Playerbot Repo but I don't think it is related to bot AI. After updating the core since March 2017 the game became unplayable as the Random Movement Generator suddenly became so slow that it causes a massive lag even with a relatively small number of bots. In 2016 the server could run up to 1500 bots, but now even 100 is a huge problem. Maps, vmaps and mmaps were re-generated using the latest extractors. Bot AI does not use random movement generator. Please see the attached screenshot (only 100 bots were active) - the Map::VisitNearbyCellsOf causes 60% of the CPU usage with no direct calls to Playerbot AI. I think this is so because the bots are evenly spread across the enitre map leaving no cells without players so the update queue is always big. I am testing this on Windows using my playerbot repo, but there are only minor core changes and I don't think the issue is related to playerbot code at all. I can't figure out was changed recenly affecting the performance so heavily. Maybe someone here could give a hint? https://github.com/ike3/mangosbot-zero mangosd171004.vsp

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