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  1. Hi Mangos team i was trying the new dev build out because of the playerbots ;D and i updated the databases and the world and char database works! but then a update the realm database, i get no error messages. but when i tryed to open the mangosd or realmd i comes with the classic "you need to update message" SQL: SELECT required_20150412_auth_realmlist FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20150412_auth_realmlist' in 'field list' The table `realmd_db_version` in your [REALMD] database indicates that this database is out of date! [A] You have: --> `20150420_warden_db_log.sql` You need: --> `20150412_auth_realmlist.sql` You must apply all updates after [A] to to use mangos with this database. These updates are included in the sql/updates folder. Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating. but i have applyed the updates and i don't know how to fix this and i has something to do wi 20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden 20150412_01_warden_db_log 20150412_02_auth_realmlist 20150420_03_warden_db_log
  2. im using ubuntu now but i have follow this guide and it works perfekt!!! good job i hope you will make it finish

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