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  1. Conditions: Forsaken Warrior (level 12) shot an arrow at a level 13 Vile Fin Shredder (npc 1767) in Silverpine Forest on Lordamere Lake shores. Attack was blocked, but target did not aggro. Windows 7, server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67
  2. Message "You don't know that language" appears when a Forsaken player goes AFK and returns from AFK. Windows 7, server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67
  3. Proof of Demise (quest 374), Scarlet Insignia Ring (item 2875). Items were not removed from player's inventory after quest was dropped. Additional testing with other quests and quest items may be required. Windows 7, server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67
  4. stepping into RFC with a bunch on level 9's was a mistake; the first Earthborer is level 14, and my poorly-geared group was wiped out... I actually couldn't seem to find anywhere in the code that referenced the levelMin column I had altered above, which lead me to believe the instance's minimum level requirement was saved somewhere outside of the database. This is as close as I had gotten to finding it in "Player.cpp", where AREA_LOCKSTATUS_LEVEL_TOO_LOW is returned: if (at->condition) //condition validity is checked at startup { ConditionEntry fault; if (!sObjectMgr.IsPlayerMeetToCondition(at->condition, this, GetMap(),NULL, CONDITION_AREA_TRIGGER, &fault)) { switch (fault.type) { case CONDITION_LEVEL: { if (sWorld.getConfig(CONFIG_BOOL_INSTANCE_IGNORE_LEVEL)) break; else { miscRequirement = fault.param1; switch (fault.param2) { case 0: { return AREA_LOCKSTATUS_LEVEL_NOT_EQUAL; } case 1: { return AREA_LOCKSTATUS_LEVEL_TOO_LOW; } case 2: { return AREA_LOCKSTATUS_LEVEL_TOO_HIGH; } } } I ended up using "Instance.IgnoreLevel" in the mangosd.conf to bypass the level requirement, but should probably withdraw the bug for now since it appears to be working as intended.
  5. 'minLevel' to enter Ragefire Chasm (map 389) is currently set to 13. There are 5 quests available for RFC, all with a minimum starting level of 9. I'm getting conflicting information on the original 1.12 starting level for RFC, however I believe it should be 8 (or 10). a list of instance level ranges can be queried from the current database using the following select statement: SELECT map.map, map.levelMin, map.levelMax, maxPlayers FROM mangos0.instance_template map ORDER BY map.levelMin; I've temporarily updated my database with the following: UPDATE mangos0.instance_template map SET map.levelMin = 8 WHERE map = '389' ...however, it doesn't seem to change the level restriction when trying to enter RFC after a server reboot. server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67
  6. I work in technical support, and have some previous experience with SQL (Crystal Reports) as well as a degree in Computer Science (Java & C++). As a hobby, I like to collect and build computers out of spare parts, and I'm starting to learn some PHP. Also, I love anime. but enough about me... I've attached a screenshot of my "production" Mangos server: a dual Xeon Windows 7 machine with 24gb RAM, running 3 Win7 Virtual Boxes to compartmentalize the different executables and services. VM1 runs Apache (with PHP) and the Realm Daemon, VM2 runs all four Mangos servers, and VM3 runs the MySQL server. I'm thinking about writing up a how-to document with instructions on how to split everything between multiple Windows computers... My "gaming" PC is an i7 with 32gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 6600 Ti; I'm currently attempting to 5-man multi-box my way through all the vanilla instances (warrior tank, priest heals, and warlock/mage/priest dps). I also have a separate "development" PC to compile Mangos (running a separate MySQL instance).
  7. quest can be completed normally with the following SQL update:
  8. quest "Garments of Darkness" (quest 5650) cannot be completed: requires casting Lesser Heal Rank 2 (spell 2052) and Power Word: Fortitude (spell 1243) on Deathguard Kel (npc 12428), casting both spells on the target NPC does not trigger quest completion. requires a level 4 undead priest to accept the quest for replication. server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67
  9. the following SQL code will update any NPC that casts 'Curse of Thule' (all Rot Hides and Maggot Eye): also, based on a quick SQL search, the following NPCs will probably also self-cast these curses: Curse of Weakness (spell 12741) Darbel Montrose (npc 2598) Jugkar Grim'rod (npc 5771) Oro Eyegouge (npc 7606) Lady Sevine (npc 7667) Postmaster Malown (npc 11143) Morloch (npc 11657) Curse of Blood (spell 16098) Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin (npc 9236) Aspect of Malice (npc 14520) Curse of Agony (spell 18671) Lady Illucia Barov (npc 10502) Curse of Weakness (spell 21007) Varo'then's Ghost (npc 6118) Ironspine (npc 6489) Curse of the Tribes (spell 21048) Cursed Centaur (npc 11688) Curse of the Elemental Lord (spell 26977) Lord Incendius (npc 9017)
  10. Rot Hide Mongrel (npc 1675), Rot Hide Gnoll (npc 1674) and Rot Hide Graverobber (npc 1941) cast 'Curse of Thule' (spell 3237) on themselves, and not on their targets. To duplicate: engage any Rot Hide NPC in melee-range combat. server version: 21014, database version: 21.14.67

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