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  1. This is the last screen the client gets when trying to connect. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the realm DB but do not know enough to troubleshoot.
  2. Thanks for the help, So I'm an extreme noobie on this I literally just downloaded and started to play with this two weeks ago. When you say " 'realmd' DB" are you referring to the realmd.conf file? If so my settings are as follows LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;***;***;realmd" LogsDir = "" PidFile = "" MaxPingTime = 30 RealmServerPort = 3724 BindIP = "" LogLevel = 0 LogTime = 0 LogFile = "world-realm.log" LogTimestamp = 0 LogFileLevel = 0 LogColors = "13 7 11 9" UseProcessors = 0 ProcessPriority = 1 WaitAtStartupError = 0 RealmsStateUpdateDelay = 20 WrongPass.MaxCount = 3 WrongPass.BanTime = 300 WrongPass.BanType = 0 I get handshake and get all the way to realm selection but when I select the realm it does not enter.
  3. The client on the server can login and play fine. However all other users on LAN can authenticate but gets stuck on realm selection screen and cannot enter. I've turned off all firewalls and ports forward to the server. On the server side I get the following ACE error: ACE_INET_Addr::ACE_INET_Addr: 555.555.555.555: Authoritive: Host not found

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