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  1. Hello. I would like to add a character from my account as a bot, but every time I write ".bot add NAME" it will bu just echoed into the chat, and nothing happens. If someone could help me, I would apprechiate it. I used this version of Mangos Zero:
  2. Hello. After the spirit of the bot returned to its corpse, it wont resurrect, or teleport to me on "follow" command. It will just say, I am too far away, it wont follow me. How can I make them teleport to me, or resurrect them?
  3. Oh my, I did not realize that thoose lines are commented out. Thanks! I commented them out, but the result is till the same. I generated 1000 bots, and set them to be between level 30 and 60. Only around 100 bots have level between 30 and 60, the rest are level 1. Any ideas?
  4. Hello. I enabled the player bots in the config file. 500 random bots were generated, but all of them are on lvl 1. I set the following settings, but it seems to be ignore the settings: # Random bot count #AiPlayerbot.MinRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.MaxRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMinLevel = 30 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMaxLevel = 255 (ignored if more than MaxPlayerLevel mangosd.conf value) If somebody could help me set the random bot levels between 30 and 60, I would appreciate it.
  5. 1, It is from the download section of this website, 2018 april 27. 2, yes, fresh install, db generated with the main generate db script, i did not modify the default settings. The npc vendors do have their stock properly. I found no vendors with missing stock so far.
  6. I found that one (VendorTemplateId), but all the values are "0". I mean, it is zero for every NPCs. Also the table "NPC_Vendor_Template" is completely empty. That was the point, where I became confused. Oo Thank you for the support
  7. Hello, I am looking for a way to add new items for vendors to sell in my single player game. I want to add leathers to leatherworking supply vendors, metal bars/gemstones to smithing and engineering supply vendors, etc. I want to avoid to micromanage bots, I would rather buy the required materials from vendors. I figured out, that I have to add new entries to the NPC_Vendor table in the database, but I can not figure out, which "entry" is which NPC in the Creature_Template table. Could somone thelp me please, how can I find the NPCs, based on this? I would really appreaciate it!

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