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  1. 1, It is from the download section of this website, 2018 april 27. 2, yes, fresh install, db generated with the main generate db script, i did not modify the default settings. The npc vendors do have their stock properly. I found no vendors with missing stock so far.
  2. I found that one (VendorTemplateId), but all the values are "0". I mean, it is zero for every NPCs. Also the table "NPC_Vendor_Template" is completely empty. That was the point, where I became confused. Oo Thank you for the support
  3. Hello, I am looking for a way to add new items for vendors to sell in my single player game. I want to add leathers to leatherworking supply vendors, metal bars/gemstones to smithing and engineering supply vendors, etc. I want to avoid to micromanage bots, I would rather buy the required materials from vendors. I figured out, that I have to add new entries to the NPC_Vendor table in the database, but I can not figure out, which "entry" is which NPC in the Creature_Template table. Could somone thelp me please, how can I find the NPCs, based on this? I would really appreaciate it!

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