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  1. For using the easymangos tool, you also need the command line c++ tools installed, or am I way out of touch now?
  2. reno


  3. reno


    I've been lurking around the mangos/tc world for about 10 years now (and I still don't know s**t)
  4. Pretty sure he's just saying that Quice is outdated (terribly outdated) and doesn't know what tables have been added/removed from the mangos world database in the last 3 years. mangos, on the other hand, has improved greatly in the last 3 years.
  5. Weird. Well, I'm sure Antz will have an answer for you soon enough.
  6. Are you running the tools from the same folder that has wow.exe in it? And, with the -d option, you have to specify the directory. Something like c:\wow\data or just Data if you're running it where the wow.exe is.
  7. Run the tools from a command prompt. With the vmap extractor, use the -d option to specify the data dir. Something like vmap_extractor -d Data No, the tools don't care if it's enGB or enUS. If that doesn't work or give you more info, I'd wait on Antz.
  8. It looks like you don't have the all the data installed for 4.3.4. I ran into this same issue. I used the regen tool to get it all. https://github.com/mangostools/MangosWoWRegeneration Pretty easy to use. Just start the executable and follow the prompts. It will create a folder where it was started and download everything (everything meaning the data folder) for you. When it completes you can either copy the data folder into your cata install or you can just use the extractors where the data was downloaded.
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