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  1. I have the same issue and this is still not working. I've updated address/localaddress in the realmd realmlist data table. Everything is running fine. I've forwarded ports and even tried leaving everything open on firewall. I get to realm selection and stuck at "connected". I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I feel like I'm at my wits end with mangos.
  2. database isn't installing properly i've tried five times now with a fresh database install, updates, everything. the updates don't work, keeps saying "update skipped". and when i try running mangosd, it tells me i'm missing quest 8332 text and revision refactor.
  3. Also, not sure if this will be of any use but this is the guide I'm using:
  4. After trying to install the new updates (starting at REL21_16_003_areatrigger_teleport_RFK.sql and ending at Rel21_16_015_NPC_16548_ModelID_update.sql), I get: [* UPDATE SKIPPED * Rel21_16_002 - IS NOT APPLIED 21_1_0 - revision_refactor] (repeated all the way up the list, so none are updating) Hopefully there's something I can do! I even got rid of the database folder entirely and recreated the database fresh again, still the same issue
  5. Also - I've tried installing the "Rel21_16_012_quest_8332_text_update.sql" file with installdatabase.sh, but it tells me: "Rel21_16_011 - IS NOT APPLIED 21_1_0 - revision_refactor"
  6. Thank you for the reply 😀 I'm actually having a different issue now, it would seem. Apparently I'm missing "revision_refactor" and "quest_8332_text_update".
  7. I'm having some serious trouble with this... I've run updates on my databases and these keep failing during the update, and without them mangosd won't run. Please, somebody help me
  8. Also, I'm on the newest version of Debian if it matters. I'm running all commands remotely through PuTTY.
  9. Hi guys. I've been trying forever to get my server running from a VPS. I've set everything up, mysql runs fine and realmd runs fine. But now I've encountered an error when I try starting mangosd: "Could not connect to MySQL database at Unknown database 'mangosd' Can not connect to world database;3306;root;(mypassword);mangosd" The "(mypassword)" part, obviously, is replaced with my actual password. None of this makes sense, I can see my mangosd file right there along with my realmd file in my /mangos/bin/ directory. I've extracted all maps and data. Really frustrated right now, and hoping someone can give me some experienced input. -bum558
  10. Hey Rash, I made an account to help you out with this. A guy named Fyre on the discord helped me solve this exact issue just now, so I thought I'd help you (or anyone with the same problem) out. First, download HeidiSQL. It will make things a LOT easier for you, and don't worry - it's simple to use and download. Once you've installed HeidiSQL, Start up your SQL bat file (the one in your repack folder), but don't start the realmd or mangosd yet. Now that the SQL is running, open HeidiSQL and click "New" at bottom left. Name it whatever you want and look to the section on the right, "Settings" - within the settings section, simply find the empty Password field and type in "root" (no quotes, obviously). Everything else should already be in order. Now click open and it will connect to your repack folder. Now you'll see a list of things on the left, such as "information_schema", "characters", and "logs". Find the one that says "realmd" (2nd from bottom), and go into that. Now look for "address", should be the 3rd column. Change that to your iPv4 address, which you can find by going to www.whatismyip.com. Now save. Don't change anything else, keep your "realmlist.wtf" as Voila, hopefully that worked for you as well as it did for me! bum558

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