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  1. Head Crack cast by Rockjaw Skullthumper in Dun Morogh seems to overwrite and be overwritten by Seal of Righteousness buff - they share the same spell logo. To reproduce: As a low level paladin fighting a Rockjaw Skullthumper in Dun Morogh: When Head Crack is cast on the paladin it will dispel Seal of Righteousness, and if the paladin then casts Seal of Righteousness it will dispel the Head Crack debuff.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong thing to do, but this bug is still unfixed in Jan 2021 - all the mobs in Dun Murogh with backstab will just cast it off cooldown, making levelling against these mobs VERY challenging, as the cooldown seems to be 1 second or so!
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