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  1. Is there a "src" or "source" or "server" folder under Classic WoW Server or First's World?
  2. When you go to run the WoW server, what executable are you using? Where is it installed?
  3. That looks like your website. xampp is a site deployer, isn't it?
  4. cd C:\path\to\core\src\server git config --get remote.origin.url
  5. Classic = Vanilla = MangosZero (provided you are actually using MangosZero and not a repack of any sort). Can you go into your /src/server folder and run git config --get remote.origin.url And then show me the output?
  6. What do you mean by "remain on the patch"? Are you using the VMangos progression core?
  7. Which core are you using? Vanilla: MangosZero TBC: MangosOne Wotlk: MangosTwo If you want the latest fixes, you'll want to download updates and compile your game again.
  8. 1) You are not using Mangos, per se. You're using Brotalnia's repack. It's my understanding that his repack's readme has a Discord link you can use to talk about his repack there. 2) In Brotalnia's repack, type ".god off" to disable the godmode you're experiencing.
  9. When "running away in fear", NPCs will sometimes come to a halt and fail to attract their fellow. When this occurs, the NPC remains in place, never returning, but despite this, can attack the player within melee range if the player steps closer. Below: player being struck by an NPC that ran away in fear and stopped near an ally.
  10. Casters display inconsistent, incorrect behaviour. Half the time, they will not use their spells, either standing still or engaging in melee, despite having full mana. This might be cross-core.
  11. Note: this is inconsistent, will continue investigating what the key factor is.
  12. The Greed/Need utility appears to autocomplete way too early, giving only a few seconds before it decides to auto-pass for all on the loot when it should be waiting for the full timer to run out.
  13. When asking a guard in Stormwind for the Cooking profession, the right dialogue for the Cook shows, but the map marker is placed on Lucan Cordell, the Enchanter.
  14. The command "u [Gameobject Link]" is meant to have the bots use a gameobject (such as Bundle of Wood in Elwynn for the A Bundle of Trouble quest), but they don't respond to this command apart from a whisper acknowledging it ("Using [Gameobject Link]").
  15. Playerbots Need on items that they don't need / can't use. E.g., priest and mage needing on leather vest. They also disregard numerous items that would be beneficial to them.
  16. Attempting to access that (*i) value produces a segmentation fault. ``` Thread 6 "mangosd" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 0x7fffecd78700 (LWP 26823)] 0x0000000000673932 in Reference<Loot, LootValidatorRef>::isValid (this=0x2000007465677261) at /home/mangos/zero/src/server/src/shared/Utilities/LinkedReference/Reference.h:137 137 return iRefTo != NULL; ```
  17. The issue is here: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/src/modules/Bots/playerbot/strategy/actions/LootRollAction.cpp#L26 Iterating over group->GetRolls() [which is Rolls in Group.h & RollId in Group.cpp] causes the core to crash without error at some point during the loop (presumably the last item). try/catch blocks cannot catch the error. Specifically, the core crashes when the value of the iterated item (*i) is first referenced/used in the loop. Any code executed prior to this call will be fine. So the error is really on line 28, when (*i) is invoked for ->IsValid(). IsValid() is not the issue. Any code referencing (*i) will cause the crash. I lack both the knowledge of both C++ and the core to truly understand why this is happening.
  18. This only appears to occur if the bots need/greed. When they all pass, the player receives the item without a problem.
  19. If an item drops while in a party with bots that is Need/Greed, once the human player selects Need/Greed, the server immediately crashes. Cannot find an error thus far.
  20. This is actually a non-issue: by default, there's a command prefix of ~ in in the playerbot conf. If the prefix is used, the commands are functional.
  21. Actually, this quest can be completed, if the player continues to attack Bartleby after the quest is marked complete. If the player brings his health even further down, his correct behaviour will eventually trigger.
  22. In the Warrior quest, Beat Bartleby, once Bartleby is defeated, he is supposed to stop attacking and offer question completion after his health is reduced to a certain point. However, in MangosOne, Bartleby continues to assault the player after the threshold for harming has completed (player stops attacking & quest is marked complete), and despite the quest being considered 'complete', even if the player manages to run away and return to Bartleby, he does not offer quest completion. This locks the warrior learning defensive stance behind a bug. EDIT: See comment below. There's a "workaround."

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