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  1. i'll try to compile extractors on windows and extrac again! Thank you i'll a reply here if it is solve my problem!
  2. mm i tried extract in windows but with thridpart extractors i should recompile extractors on windows with the same source and extract again correct?
  3. Hi! i recently compile Mangos Zero without errors but when i tried to start mangosd i get the next error: i did extract maps dbc and vmaps with compiled extractors and no work, try whit extractors that i found in internet and no work my wow version is 1.12.1 My Maps, DBC, and Vmaps are located in /Home/$user/zero/data Release are located in /home/$user/zero/bin and Conf files in /home/$user/zero/etc and my mangosd.conf is here: i was tried put dbc, maps and vmaps into Etc folder and no work ! Plase anyone helpme ❤️
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